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Please note that, Foundndeal will give refunds for items that you have purchased, ordered or received but with which you are not totally satisfied. In an effort to provide the best customer service possible, Foundndeal has implemented a hassle-free refund policy as stated below:

1. Item is not as described (wrong item)
If the item you received is absolutely different from the item you ordered (wrong item) or the item is damaged and the fault is arising from Foundndeal, you will be qualified for a refund.

2. Item that has not been received
If you have not received an ordered item within 25 days from the date of purchase, you will be eligible for a refund. You will be required to provide the order code to check your claim that you have not received the item. Despite the fact that we think 25 days is a reasonable period to wait, contingent upon where you are located, you may have a longer period to claim a refund if you have purchased for personal use and you have not received the item.

3. Purchase made with your account by mistake or without your consent
It is important that you keep your account information and password private and safe. If you give your details to someone else or appear to be abusing our policies, you are responsible for any purchases made and will not eligible to get a refund. 

4. Item must not be damaged (must be returned in its original condition)
We will not give a refund if the item is returned damaged. Item must be returned in its original state when received to qualify for a refund. We will not accept any item that has been damaged in any way. Please, keep in mind that, if the item has been damaged, this voids the refund request and the item will be returned back to the customer and marked as final sale.

5. Refund will be issued in 5- 10 business days after returned products to us.